About Us

25+Years of Working Experience

Superior Service is our foundation. From that base we strive to exceed your expectations.

We are A Full-Service, Scalable Construction Manager

From our first day we set out to be in the service business, not just the construction business. We strive to understand your needs and mold our practices to fit them. A mentor once told me that managing a construction project is like conducting an orchestra. Our team of trusted subcontractors work in unison to produce beautiful results. At our first meeting we strive to get to know you, your needs, and your expectations. Only by understanding your vision can we learn how to beat your expectations.

Our Purpose

Provide superior, high attention to detail and quality service that improves the lives of our customers..

Our Core Values

We are trusted to get the job done, and done right, and we take that seriously. We always implement the best solutions and deliver exceptional results.

Operations & Performance

Effectiveness and productivity driven by quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost to achieve overall success.

Growth & Expansion

Our customers success is the tie to our business growth and expansion. We always keep our core values top priority..

Chris Ridge

Chris Ridge

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, working his way up from site supervisor, project manager, lead estimator and trusted partner. In 2007 Chris set out to create something different, providing tailored management and construction services to the commercial construction industry. RC&D has become that vision. For our corporate and institutional owners, we bring the breadth and experience you are accustomed to receiving. For our individual owner operators and family offices, we have the ability to step in, fill the void and become your personal in-house construction manager.

Hard work and personal attention have always been Chris’ mantra. Chris received his BS, Finance from Northeastern University, and his MBA from Boston College.